Basic Rules of Photograhy BY: Andres pequeno

  • Simplicity- Declutter your background, zoom in tight to eliminate background "distractions", or change your angle so your subject remains the focus of the image.
  • In this photo, you can see the simplicity through the blurred background that the focus is only on one area, which is the faucet and water. The DOF is shallow, the lighting is hard, and the color definitely contributes to the image.
  • Leading Lines- Use architectural lines- walls, fences, roads, or any lines to lead the eye through the photograph and draw attention toward the main subject.
  • Leading Lines can be seen through the lines on the wall. The attention can be focused on the model, and the lines can show that. The light bouncing off of the opposite wall gives the photo a more natural look to it. The focus is the model and the DOF is slightly deep. The color is also vibrant and effective to the photo.
  • Spacing- Create a sense of movement by adding active space (the area your subject is facing) and eliminating dead space (the area behind your subject).
  • This photo is a great example of spacing. The attention is directed to the flying bird, and the photo is a bit underexposed, emphasizing the bird. The focus of the photo is the bird, the DOF is deep, and the lighting is soft, and there is not much color to the photo, giving it an intense feel.
  • Rule of Thirds- Frame your image with the subject off center it's more pleasing to the eye and appears more natural than placing the subject in the center.
  • This photo is an absolutely perfect example of rule of thirds. The flower and butterfly are the direction of attention and the focus of the image. The photo has a great exposure, a deep DOF, and has wonderful lighting. The many colors of the photo are perfect to the tone directed by the photographer, which is bright and youthful.

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