NBA Questions onlY fans can answer

My form will be questions only fans can answer. This season has been historical with with Devin Booker getting 70 points ina game against the celtics who is a dominant team this year and also Russell Westbrook breaking the record for the most triple doubles in a season and averaging a triple double. Friends that like the NBA will be receiving this form to answer.

Basketball is a hard sport to succeed in but there are some who do and it is very hard to determine who is better. One of the most popular sports in North America, basketball gets arguments everyday on if certain teams will make the playoffs or who carries their team best. But what people don’t see is there are players who are better than other players at different things like in my opinion I believe Steph Curry is the best 3 point shooter in the NBA right now but I believe Kyrie Irving is a better ball handler than him and I believe Antetokounmpo is a better posterizer than them all but they are all point guards and all considered greats who carry their team to success.

Usually when you ask someone who is the best basketball team they usually say their favorite team and same goes for the best player. I wanted to see who people thought are the best at things like best player in the past 5 years and is Devin Booker actually as good people think he is or will be. There are arguments all the time about these things and I want to know who people would side with when given options on who is better. Usually when you ask anyone who has been the best NBA player lately they will say LeBron James but what percentage of people will say he is when I ask 10 people? I am trying to prove that people always pick the most known team or player and will most likely favor their favorite team or a player on that team.

My first question was, Who has been the best NBA player in the past 5 years? About two thirds of people that responded picked Lebron James as the best in the past 5 year. Question 2 was asking which team was their favorite and 7 people answered the Chicago Bulls most likely due to them being from Chicago. The third question was which team was your favorite and 4 people picked Chicago and 2 picked New York. I asked on my fourth question who would be MVP and most answered Russell Westbrook. I also asked who would win the NBA finals and both Chicago and Golden State were the favorite with both having 3 votes. The sixth question asked who will be the number one overall draft pick and Lonzo ball was the favorite. Question seven was asking if Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns player, will be the next Kobe Bryant and half said yes and the other half either said no or they do not know who he was. Question 8 was who plays the best defense for a player and about half said Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio shooting guard. Question 9 also asked who had the best handles as in who could dribble better and just about everyone picked Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard. And last but not least i asked who could shoot a three point shot the best and almost everyone picked Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors point guard


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." -Michael Jordan


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