Nature Activity at FLNMH Chris jimenez

Nature On Display : The appeal of the butterfly rain forest is that you are in the controlled habitat with the animals rather than seeing them behind a large glass screen. The exhibit captures your attention with the butterflies being all around you as you are in the exhibit itself. Although the space was created by humans, there are places on earth that have the similarities of that in nature itself.

Nature and Ethics : The museum shows the perspective of the beauty of nature that they have a community of their own that should be conserved. Going through the museum you have a perspective that habitats such a this exist and should be preserved for the future to keep both the habit and the species alive. There were many people taking pictures, as the scene is not one you get at all in everyday life.

Nature and the Human Spirit : The butterfly exhibit shows us a scene that we do not see in our everyday lives, it shows the perspective that we have created our own "habitat" that does not include this type of wildlife very often.

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