hi.Its nice to meet you. This company is a company that sells handcrafted pictures that you can customize and create. It can be created for any special occasion and or event or you can make it for someone as a gift. We also create logos and designs for a new and up and coming business or just for a party. When I created this company I wanted to create something that would help me reach out to my community and people and help them. That is why half the profits I make go to St. Judes Research Hospital.I came with this company from my parents because I always liked drawing and doodling in my notebook. Then one day my mom was like “you should sell these!” Then I started selling them but I never really had any customers. But then when I came to this class, my consultant helped me come up with the idea that I should sell people logos and posters for beginner entrepreneurs.The thing that inspired me was that the fact I could make money doing something I love. The people who really encouraged me were my parents. They always told me I could do anything I want to do but they also taught me about saving my money and having a good income.My family has always really been a very creative family. All my family members either write, draw, sing, dance. My family would always sing together and my mom would always try to make us draw or write something creative. But my family is a big part in me creating my business.I think my skills are pretty good. I love to dance, sing, draw, and organized.my mom says I am very talented but I think I'm just average in each.


Created with images by Swallowtail Garden Seeds - "Scarlet Pea. Gompholobium polymorphum. Bright scarlet pea-shaped flowers on delicate climbing tendrils. Herbier général de l’amateur. Deuxième Série, vol. 2 (1839-50)"

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