Good Life Performance Ilham Boucekkine

When I auditorium, I felt calm. All around me there were a lot of Good Life students chatting with each other. I thought I'd feel awkward but I felt comfortable and excited to watch the play. My seat was in the center section, on the end of the row and near the stage almost. My seat allowed for me to be very close to the actors. The location really immersed me in the performance. When the lights dimmed and the audience went quiet, it was quite suspenseful and I was eager for the play to start. The size of the auditorium was bigger than the amount of people that went so it did feel a little empty. The role of place in the good life is that you can be affected by your surroundings whether it's positively or negatively.
I attended the performance with my friend Lexie. Lexie and I didn't do much to prepare for the performance. We met up, took pics outside the theater and went in to find some good seats. Going with a friend allows for two different viewpoints on the play. If I was confused about something she could explain it to me and vice versa. Shared experiences can make your life more memorable and fun. There's someone you can talk to about hwat you experienced making it more interesting.
The central issue is the internal ethical and moral struggle within a person. While wanted to be pious and follow the journey to priesthood, Michaud also loves theater and is obsessed with Sarah Bernhardt. The archbishop frowns upon her performance and the negative, unpious message it brings about every town she goes to. I knew that in that time frame, religion was the number one focus especially in poor towns. I knew that theater performances were reserved for the wealthy and those who could actually afford going. The performance brought to light the fact that sometimes the rich performers did try to explore the towns they were in and cared more for the people rather than just for the money. The subject matter does not really have much to do with my own life. I quite honestly never really cared for theater performances. In a sense, it could relate to the fact that I have always wanted to go to concerts for music festivals but I never had enough money to do it. Now, a performer I like, Big Sean, is coming to UF and performing. His tickets are only $10 and I can finally attend something because I can afford it.
The performance emphasizes the point that it's not okay to be taken advantage of and used by someone of higher authority and let them get away with it. The play emphasizes the importance of justice, honesty, and doing what is right no matter what other people think of you. In the end, the best option is to "come clean" because it would not only help yourself, but others around you who may be too scared or ashamed to speak up.

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