Migrant Workers

migrant farm workers help employers so that their crops don't go unpicked.

Migrant workers work up to five months straight before they have to leave back home or in many cases stop working. Many of them work year-round.

Being exposed to a community with agriculture has allowed for agriculture to develop as a literacy. To be agriculturally literate means to understand where the fruits and vegetables that we eat come from. It is important to know what migrant workers do and what it would be like without them.

this time of year in the farm workers are cultivating by hands or tractors

Farm workers are needed so that every year they have produce. For example during this time of year they are needed to prune so that in the spring they can start picking certain fruits, like cherries.

People in this community who grow up with migrant worker parents are exposed even more to agriculture as a literacy. Many times children are taken to work with their parents; so students at a young age know how to work in place like this, allowing them to know where we get what we eat and what it takes to get this job done.

During this time employers often look for new people to hire because there aren't a lot of people wanting to work the cold winters. If migrant workers were to be cut back employers would have to spend time more time looking for new hires and thus affecting them because they need people working the farms as soon as possible. Waiting and having new hires means the work piling up and having to train if these people don't already have the skills.

Migrant workers aren't only farm worker, they work in factories processing fruits and as tractor/truck drivers

An impact of not having migrant workers is having employers suffer and not have their crops picked therefore affecting the economy by raising the prices on certain fruits or vegetables.

Farm workers are both men and women. Though many of the women stop working after crops have been picked, there is also women pruning during the winter.

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