4 MF Visit to the Potteries Museum

On Friday 7th December, 4 MF went to the Potteries Museum to learn about the Anglo Saxons. We had a fantastic day learning about the Staffordshire Hoard, Anglo Saxon Warriors and their way of life.

A Mighty Saxon Warrior towered above us.

The first thing we did was learn about the Staffordshire Hoard and the 4000 discoveries that were made.

It was fun exploring the artefacts.

Next, we became Anglo Saxon Warriors designing and making our very own helmets!

We had to carefully think about our designs so that we looked as fierce as possible. We included wild boars, snakes, shields and swords.

Don’t we look fierce!

After lunch, we learnt about pottery. Working carefully, we made clay pots.

It was a fantastic day and we learnt a lot about the Anglo Saxons.


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