Triathlon Janel Opeka Yoga

I just raced my first triathlon in three years and with only two swims under my belt since February, I was able to swim .9 miles, bike twenty-two miles and run six at my fastest Olympic Distance pace to date.

Lake Terramuggus Olympic Triathlon. August 2018.

How did I race so well with minimal triathlon training? YOGA.

It's fun to be back as a triathlete, but I am craving my mat and practice.

Certain yoga postures compliment the swim, bike and run components of triathlon.

Extended side angle allows for maximum extension for the catch and pull in your freestyle stroke. Breath work and the yogic mind-body connection cultivates a calm and focused mind, relaxed fluid breath, and the body awareness necessary for pushing your limits on race day without bonking.

Out front.

A dedicated yoga practice is a perfect compliment to triathlon.

You can do anything you put your mind to. Believe in yourself!

J. Opeka

Yoga Instructor. Ironman Triathlete.


Yoga. Every. Day.


Words by: @janelopekayoga ~ Photos by: @deanpaganiphotography

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