Enola Gaye Apparel Clothes Made for Competition

New season new merch, tees from the best in the smoke game coming soon #EGTEES


Paintball, Smoke Bomb, Grenades, Smoke Grenade, Sports, Pyro, Fire, Simulation, Pyrotechnics, Smoke, Enola Gay, Enola Gaye, Tactical, Special Effects, Paintball Gear, EG, Wire Pull, Colored Smoke, Cool Burn, Military

Target Audience

13-25 year old males, Paintballers (and other combat sports), Photographers, Visual effects artists

Social Media

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Gassed up tees
Always keep an #EGTEE ready in your arsenal.
The most stylish grenadiers in the business #SMOKINTEES
Cool tees are always essential, regardless of what you do
#EGTEES are for casual wear too
Return to nature, shoot outside this weekend. #EGTEES
Remeber: always shoot outdoors
Be the predator not the prey
Load up now with new tees #EGTEES
Girls can shoot too.
Look at life with more color.
Aiming High
Cheers to shooting with friends.


Zaira Carranza Ruiz Enrrique Cadena-Sandoval Ashley Baradin Maria Mendoza

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