Canada in 2050 By:harpreet khural

This presentation will show you how the life of us and many more Canadians will Be like in the year 2050. This future lifestyle depends on the immigration, Democratic and First Nation Trends, which I will be displaying in this presentation.

The first trends I will be showing are immigration trends. In the matter of immigration, it has a big effect on the lives of Canadians. Depending on where most of our immigrants come from, indicates what type of people we will be associating with in the future. This also Indicates what type of ethical changes might happen to the area of where you live.

The first immigration trend I was able to find was about the population rate of the foreign born. I saw that the the trend is increasing, mostly because in the year 1871 the foreign born population was less then a 1million, and in the year 2011 that same population was up to 7million, growing by more then 6million throughout the 140 years. So the foreign born population will increase slowly, but will definitely be increasing.

The second trend I found was about the countries of where Canada's immigrants come from. From the data I saw, I was able to tell that most of Canada's immigrants from the continent of Asia. Throughout the years almost all of the immigrants have come from Asian countries like, India, china and the Philippines. So I believe that the trend will continue to increase.

The next trend Is In the First Nation population. I came to see that in the year 1996 only 2.8% of Canada's population was taken up by people with aboriginal identity, in 2001 it was 3.3%, 3.8% in 2006 and up to 4.3% in 2011. This data shows that the aboriginal population in Canada will continue to increase in the further years.

The last set of data is based on the democratic trends. I was able to find out that the death and birth rates have increased since the year 2008. In 2008 the death rate was up to 237,708 deaths a year, this increased in 2013 to 253,242 deaths a year. The birth rate per year in 2008 was 379,290, and the birth rate in 2013 increased to 383,822 births per year.

In Conclusion the life of an average Canadian in the year 2050, would be different but not that different comapared today's adult generation, like our parents. We will be surrounded by many ethical and traditional people. Many immigrants will be a part of our life, different races of friends, employees, and family.


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