What is blended learning? Also Known as Hybrid Learning

April M. Rogers

Georgia SouthernUniversity

Spring 2017

According to the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) describes blended learning as "...[environments where] the educator optimizes learning for students by assessing progress and providing instruction with focused supports. In these models, students are supported and interventions are wrapped around student-centered instructional models at every point throughout the learning trajectories. All of these things can be done in a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom, but one of the great benefits of blended learning is that the technology helps to provide teachers with data, expand student choices for educational resources and learning materials, and provide opportunities for students to practice and to demonstrate high levels of performance."

Please go to the following website. As you look through the article, please create a list of characteristics of a blended learning classroom environment.

The following video describes the basic idea of blended learning.

Why is blended learning the future of education?

How can blended learning look in a high school classroom?

How can blended learning close the gap in our school?

How do you really feel about diversity in our schools? Do you truly embrace the differences in the students you have in your classroom? Do you you struggle to meet the diverse needs of all the students you teach? How do you differentiate for your students? Differentiation is key to blended learning. This is what will make a difference in our school. The ability to teach directly to the level of each and every student in the class: the high level students and the low level students in the same class. We can identify the needs of each student and meet those needs with blended learning.


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