Me, Myself and I BY: PEGGY

Hello I'm Peggy, people usually call me piggy and I secretly love baby pigs :-)) My hobby is drawing, so I took art as my elective although i don't draw very well.

(I didn't draw this okay)

I do like basketball too although I'm not really good at it but i quitted basketball cca because of my asthma :-(. Kuroko no basket is the first and only anime i watched and i love it because it is regarding to basketball but I'm not a type of person who watches anime but it is very nice :-)) My favourite character are Kuroko and his dog Tetsuya because they are so cute :D!!

i love the colour blue too :-)

She's my best friend and she's from vietnam. I hangout with her almost all the time. She might be annoying at times but still "lovable" (forced)

I love food, i mean who doesn't HAHAH I don't have a specific favourite food because all food are my favourite <3 It depends on my mood and cravings for that day, basically i want everything everyday :).
I really love oreos, and my favourite flavours of all time is cookies and cream. I'll be in love anything with the flavour cookies and cream :D

yeap, that's all :) BYEE

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