who are we?

In today's world of education, teachers are pressured to get so much information to children, that making sure that students are understand why they are learning what they are is becoming less and less. we strive to make sure that every parent understands the benefits that their children would receive by allowing innovation into the schools.

Why innovation?

there are so many testing pressures due to an increase in standardized testing, that some educators wonder about the lack of hands on experience that students are lacking. Many schools are more focused on getting the information to students that they forget to teach them how and why they are learning the information. Schools of innovation provide children with the necessary tools to allow them be more hands on in the classroom.

How does innovation help?

Innovation is the spark that education in the united states needs. other countries are beating out the United states in all subjects. if we want our children to be the best in the world, we need to provide them with learning experiences to enrich their education. implementing collaboration, critical thinking, and technology in to the classroom setting, we can create a learning environment that makes children ready for the future.

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