Counseling Tool or Best Friend? Madeline Landes

Therapy dogs should be used as a tool for open discussion since dogs are man's best friend and can console better in most situations than people.

The amount of work that students have and the stress from school impacts the way that students think about their personal situations, and counselors may not help with this stress.
Students should remember that dogs are silently there in counseling sessions to lift their spirits. The relationship between those in the counseling session can be beneficial or detrimental, and bringing a dog into the situation can relieve that pressure.
Studies have found that Students study better and are happier after being distracted by dogs

Switching the saying up a bit...A few minutes a day keeps the stress away, for college students with a therapy dog.

Another important fact is that the ties made between the student and the therapy dog will be stronger and last even after counseling is finished.

This is important since interaction with others will come more naturally after counseling is finished because of the positive influence from the therapy dogs.

Just remember, dogs make everything better, especially for college students in tough situations.


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