Coral Reef Destruction Jacob mcnett & keenan wade

What is Coral Reef Destruction? Well, Scientist have found out that Coral reef is starting to bleach in some areas and is spreading throughout the world. This picture shows what happens after the coral dies. In the past 3 decades scientist believe the reefs have decreased by 80%. Just alone in Florida 37% of reefs have died since 1996.
What causes the coral to die? Well the main cause is coral becoming bleached. It is bleached when algae leaves the coral and the coral has no protection leaving it to become bleached. Another way the coral can die is when it is messed with by people to much, making the coral become damaged. When we put power plants near the sea warmer water begins to take over which has lead to thousands of miles of coral death/destruction.
This is a parrot fish. This is one of the species effected by the destruction of the reefs. Some other species effected are a spiny lobster, crabs, and sea anemones. The animal's don't have anywhere to live, the fish also may not have any algae to eat, while the sea anemones gets bleached and dies, here it can't provide a home for other fish.
What are some solutions to this? The first solution would be to research smaller amounts of the coral. When we take control of to much coral it tends to die off at a quicker rate. Some simple rules we need is to not touch the coral, let more people know what is happening to the coral, and give people more instruction to not interact with the coral.
While it is a terrific site to see. Coral reef is dying at rapid rates in our world. We are the only people who can stop it. To the fish, coral is a forest providing habitat and food. But once it dies many fish die which could cause a whole fish species to become extinct and much more marine life.

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