Mountain View News Term 3 Week 10

Principal's Message

This week has had many highlights as we end an incredible term. Year 12 students were farewelled in a moving ceremony that was livestreamed to families. Hearing their speeches where they acknowledged their teachers, their families and God was very inspiring.

Wednesday saw Middle and Senior students thoroughly enjoy working in class-based teams as part of an Amazing Race run by the Chaplains and Friday was an online multicultural concert as we celebrated diversity in our school.

I am so proud of students’ achievements, both in and out of class. Three boys have been selected for elected for high level representation in Rugby League for their respective ages; a Year 12 boy was visited by Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the fire station he volunteers at and will be receiving a citation; and Michelle, also in Year 12, was nominated for Encore, the highest level of HSC Music Performances in the state.

May you and your families keep safe over the Term 3 holiday period and we look forward to seeing all students return on Tuesday, 13 October.

Mrs Julia Heise


Vale John Eastwood

This week we honoured the life of John Eastwood, a man who was very influential in the establishment and history of our school. John’s faith in God and his unwavering commitment to Adventist education in Western Sydney has been an inspiration to our school community since its inception in 1968.

For over 30 years John served on the School Council, including 20 years on the finance committee. John and Esme’s three daughter’s attended the school followed by two of his grandchildren.

A small group of students formed an honour guard for John’s funeral where Mrs Heise spoke, and four senior students pre-recorded one of his favourite hymns. Now John’s memory lives on in the name of the John Eastwood Hall.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Visit

A graduating Year 12 student, Ethan Robinson-Jones, received a surprise visit from Prime Minister Scott Morrison last night. Ethan has been serving as a volunteer firefighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service since May 2019. The brigade that he volunteers with, Horsley Park Rural Fire Brigade, lost two members in the Green Wattle Creek fire in December 2019.

Last night Scott Morrison visited the brigade and spent two hours socialising with them, including our Year 12 student, Ethan. This visit was in recognition of the brigades sacrifice for protecting lives and property in the fires. Ethan stated that this was quite a surprise and he enjoyed speaking personally with the Prime Minister.

Opportunities such this are quite rare and highlight the community service that some of our students are involved in. We honour Ethan for his commitment to the Rural Fire Service. Ethan has also been advised that he will be receiving the NSW Premiers Bush Fire Emergency Citation for his involvement in the 2019/2020 fire season. Congratulations Ethan, we are proud of you.

HSC Drama

HSC Drama got dressed up for their last class of Term 3. Although they would join the rest of the year group in costume later, the class was asked to create a short improvisation piece in their characters. A fun activity for this pioneering group.

The school also acknowledges these students for starting Drama in Year 9 and following the course through to the HSC, assisting Mr. Fisher with their enthusiasm and creativity along the way. Well done, gang!

Year 9 Bible

Year 9 Biblical Studies invited Mr Fisher and Mrs Paul to their class to judge the Creation vs Evolution debate. Some good points were made and it was interesting to hear some different perspectives. Thank you for the invitation, Year 9 and Mr Carrasco.


The chaplains decided to do our final chapel for the term a little different than normal. We decided to give the kids a break from the screens and from chapel online and we took chapel to the outdoors with a competitive game of THE AMAZING RACE for Middle school during period 5 and Senior school during period 6.

5 different stations were created with different challenges to test the grit and determination of each year level. All the different year levels gave it their best go and enjoyed the race of eating 20 dry Weet-Bix, pipeline activity, waterworks Bucket challenge and other activities that had them enjoying the sun outdoors, friendly competition and fun with their friends.

In the end there could only be one winner for middle school and for senior school and the victory went to Home room 10J and year 5O. Congratulations to these classes for their AMAZING effort and to everyone else for giving it their best go.

On behalf of the chaplaincy team we hope you have enjoyed our chapels this term and we encourage you to continue to run the race of faith each and everyday.

God bless

- Mountain View chaplains

Harmony Day around the School

Mountain View's Eggscellent Eggs

Year 7 Agriculture taste tested a variety of eggs last week to determine if it is worth paying more for barn laid eggs or free range eggs. The students noticed the difference in colour, texture and flavour between the 3 different types of eggs. They decided the best eggs are Mountain View eggs. So maybe it is worth paying more for free range eggs.

Junior School Students Get Generous

This week Junior School has focused on the value of generosity and it is lovely to see so many students get awards.

1C Generosity Awardees

For character first we have been learning about generosity. Students learnt about the value of having a giving heart. Congratulations to all awardees.

STEM 2nd Place Winners

Mountain View placed 2nd at the Greater Sydney Inter-School STEM Challenge, narrowly missing out on first place by only 3 points. The design brief was to design and build a working lift using recycled materials and a motor powered by coding a Micro:bit. Each member of the team made valuable contributions toward their placement. Leonsio’s accurate and detailed design drawings, Harim’s coding skills, Kyla-Jade’s cultural weaving and problem solving skills and Jonathan’s scientific knowledge all combined to produce an excellent product and presentation. The medals were presented this week at Middle School assembly. Congratulations to the team for their outside-the-box approach to this challenge.

Pictured: Harim, Jonathan, Kyla-Jade, Leonsio

Chemistry PBL

Year 8 is nearly finished with their study of chemical science. The classes were able to conduct 7 experiments last week with several colour changes, precipitates and detectable gases produced.

Their final task was a PBL to develop an element portfolio to answer the driving question: how do the properties of my element impact my daily life? All the components of the task are displayed on the website they designed.

Here are some of the best websites:

Year 5 Fire Projects

This term, Year 5 have been learning about Bushfires and their impact on the world.

For the last few weeks, the students have been creating a project that helps to reduce the impact of bushfires on people.

The designs created by the students ranged from robots that can help put fires out, drones that can identify houses in danger of fire, as well as mobile phone apps that will notify people of fires nearby and what they need to do.

The students then presented their project designs to their peers.

All groups displayed high levels of creativity.

Well done Year 5!

Three Students selected for Representative Rugby League

Congratulations to the following three students for their representative involvement in Rugby League and selections.

Jaydn, a First Nations Year 11 student, was scouted by Excel Sports Management this month. Jaydn now has a contract them with and will be a part of their ongoing development program. Jaydn is currently playing for Kellyville Bushrangers Rugby League club in the position of fullback and his team qualified for the Grand Final this week. Jaydn has the opportunity to participate in NRL trials this coming October. We are currently praying for him as he has recently injured his ankle and is still recovering.

Two or our Year 6 boys have also excelled in rugby league.

Isaiah, of Samoan descent, plays for the Michinbury Jets in the position of front row. He plays for the U12’s squad and has won the division for the last two years in a row. Isaiah enjoys teamwork and playing with his friends as well as the physicality of the contact sport. This year Isaiah was selected for the Penrith Panthers Cubs (Representative development squad for the Penrith region). He will be part of this squad in 2021.

Jamairo, of Papua New Guinea descent, is currently playing for Plumpton Tigers in the position of fullback. He has played for this club for five years. Jamairo enjoys playing rugby league, representing his club and playing with his friends. This year Jamairo has been selected to play in the Under 13’s division (one year above). Jamairo also enjoys playing Oztag and represented Nepean at the Coffs Harbour gala day last year. Recently, Jamairo was selected for trials as a squad representative at Penrith Cubs.

As a school community we are proud of our student’s achievements and wish the boys, and their families, success in their sport.



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