Joseph Stalin

Joseph led the revolution that removed the czar. He also rallied the Russian people to defeat the Germans and they did but, it led to a terrible cost. 25 million Russians lost their lives.

On August 1939 Stalin signed an agreement with Adolf Hitler. The agreement was that Russia and Germany would not attack each other. But, Adolf broke the agreement and attacked Russia. It was then that Joseph Stalin entered the side of the allies.

The Yalta Conference of 1945, was formed with the leaders of the allied powers, Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin. In the Yalta conference they discussed about the political details between the Germans and after the surrender what was going to happen to the land that they gained. The ¨Big Three¨ finally agreed the Germany would be spit into four zones.

Harry S Truman and Joseph Stalin were the leaders of the two major advertises. One being the U.S. and the other being the Soviet Union. The Soviet union was greatly enlarged and it transformed from a backward country to the 2nd most important industrial

Joseph Stalin treated millions of people wrong. He paid workers low and anyone that was accused of sabotage or wrecking would/could be shot. This was known as the 5 year plan of industrial development.

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