deforestation in south america By: Grady Blessing

  • Pros
  • This mostly takes place for farming reason
  • There are three main reasons to use deforestation farming, food and cattle grazing
  • To have more beef or meat for the cattle that is raised
  • people are getting houses
House's in south america giving people a place to live
Cattle grazing where trees used to be
They took out the trees because people are starving
  • Cons
  • Poor farmers migrate to agricultural lands
  • Without trees the agriculture is washed away
  • It can happen in 3 years
  • They have to move because they are broke
  • They leave the soil to re grow
  • It could take up to 50 years to grow back
  • People destroy it for cattle grazing
  • The chemicals they use to kill pest and other animals hurt surrounding areas
  • The rain washes it away into the river killing fish
  • buildings are being put up and the soil is being destroyed

Solution- my solution is called the great escape it is a Fenced in area of 100,000 acres for all of south america’s animals .

A fence for the animals


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