Robot Dancing Routine nathan Hartkemeyer

The Goal:

The goal of this project was to make a group of nine robots dance with a dancing routine that contains at least three different movements in the dance.

The Preparation:

My Part:

My part in this project was to develop and copy the red and yellow tape set up that we used on the ground for the other four robots that we were required to have included in the routine. Another part that I did to benefit the group was to develop the code for the robot that was supposed to be rapidly spinning in the center area.

This was the code that we had developed to spin at a rapid pace.

The Code:

This code was the code developed by Michael and Anthony. This code was the code that used the color sensor to navigate the routine.

The Build:

This was a build that we had found on the Lego Mindstorm software. We did this to insure that everyone would share the same build.

The Set Up:

This was the set up that we had used so that the square dance routine would be successful, however, this would prove not to be successful.

Flow Chart:

Chart 1:

Robot Code

Chart 2:

Complete Dance Routine

Song Choice:

For our routine we thought that a square dance with Cotton Eye Joe playing would be the easiest way to go, however, this would not be the case.

The Dance:

In Conclusion:

This project showed to be a failure and we should have not used the tape and color sensor combo for such a dance. this would be shown through the complexity of the program and how the dance had turned out. Instead of using the color sensor we should have probably used the gyro sensor so that we could make exact turns leading to more solid results.


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