Lord of the Flies William Golding


Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, is a story about a group of preteen British school boys who are stranded on an island after their plane gets shot down. The boys were sent away from Great Britain to escape the raging war.
Ralph is the fair haired leader of the group and the main character.
Ralph and Jack
In the beginning of the book, Jack is simply the leader of the Choir and Hunters, but as time goes on, Jack overthrows Ralph and become the leader of the Savages.
Piggy is the fat, intellectual boy of the group. he strives for order, and he closely follows the leadership of Ralph. Piggy is constantly bullied by Jack, which does not turn out so well for him in the end.
Simon was introduced as the weak member of Jack's choir. He fainted from the heat within his first five minutes of knowing Ralph. Simon late becomes known as the even tempered boy that tries to reason with the others.
A group of British schoolboys get stranded on an unfamiliar island when their plane gets shot down by an enemy bomber. Without adults or any supervision, the boys select the good looking Ralph as their leader. Ralph suggests making a fire on top of the mountain, but the fire soon gets out of hand and half of the island is alight.
The boys try to be civilized after the fire, but when the little ones talk about a "beastie," they begin to turn into savages. One night a dead parachute falls from the sky onto the mountain and frightens Sam and Eric. They panic, but Simon realizes what it is. The other boys hold a "dance," and in their excitement, Simon is murdered.
Jack and the other boys turn against Ralph, Piggy, and Sam 'n Eric. They form a tribe of savages, and they rely on Jack's strange obsession with hunting pigs to survive. The four "civilized" boys go to speak to Jack, but piggy is murdered when Robert drops a boulder upon him. Piggy splits his head open on a flat rock near the water.
They capture Sam 'n Eric, and set out to find Ralph. In doing so, the entire island is started on fire again. The smoke from the fire captures a ship's attention, and the boys--that were left--were saved.

Civilization vs. Savagery

Throughout Lord of the Flies, we see the boys, particularly Ralph, trying to keep social order. They try to hold on to what they had before they became stranded, but without adults. In the beginning, Ralph tries to get the boys to make huts, collect water, and even use the bathroom in a certain place. He tries to keep the social order. Towards the end, when going to face the savages, Ralph tells his three followers that they must look civilized.

Man's Inner Evil

Right from the beginning, we see how man destroyed the beautiful oasis of the island. The plane created a large scar in the center when it came crashing down. The boys start the island on fire twice, but the true inner evil of the boys shows through when they have a "dance." They were so excited that they did not even stop to realize that they were tearing Simon apart. After on the the pig hunts, the group of hunters nearly beat Robert to a pulp while pretending he was a pig. They even murdered Piggy, but did not realize the consequences of their actions until they were rescued.

The Conch

The conch resembled authority and the evil that comes from authority. Throughout the story, the boys use the conch to control others to listen to them.

Piggy's Glasses

Piggy's glasses represent man and technology, and they further set us apart from animals. They use the glasses to reshape the island to fit the boys' needs.

the Beast

The beast represents the devil and the evil that's found in all of us. The thought of the beast scares the boys enough to make them turn on one another.


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