Agriculture Revolutions Luke Behnke

The first agricultural revolution was the first time humanity settled down, herded animals, and grew food. This revolution happened about 11,000 years ago. It changed the way humans lived because instead of following the animals for food we herded them. the main foods the farmed was wheat, barley and later potatoes. video link

people herded animals for the first time

The second agricultural revolution happened between the years 1700-1900. There were big changes, those involved, the horse collar, plow, seed drill, and the crop rotation system. All these advances lead to more efficiency in farming. video link

plows looked like this back in the day

The third agricultural revolution or green revolution happened between 1970- present day. the changes that happened were, the use of technology to make gmo's, diesel tractors, reduced number of works, and many more. A gmo is a genetically modified organism that changes an organism to make it more efficient. An example would be apples because they have been modified to be sold year round. A pro is that you can sell year round. Con is it causes cancer. video link

people now use high technology machines to farm


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