Burdens By mark jones

My motif: is sometimes you fail to learn from your mistakes.

Curleys wife is being a burden. She wasn't loyal, and she's trying to get at the workers. That is also the reason she ends up dead.

Curley's wife enters the room, and they talk about how they enjoy touching soft things. She tells him he can touch her hair, but when Lennie strokes it too hard and messes it up, so she gets angry. She tries to jerk her head away, and, in fear, Lennie hangs on to her hair. Curley's wife begins to scream. To keep her from screaming, Lennie holds her so tightly he breaks her neck.

Elisa though it was a burden to be a women because they weren't able to do what men could do.

If you ever run across some nice chrysanthemum I wish you to try to give me a few seeds. That's what she told me. Elisa grew alert and eager, She could not know much about the chrysanthemum. You can raise them from seeds but is much eastier to route the little sprouts you see there. Page 5 Eliza

For being different he was looked down upon he was seen as a nuisance

In the story he had a disability so nobody really wanted to be bothered with him. They would treat people like him so mean to where they dont care because they weren't use to being around other people, not like themselves.

This affects the World today in many ways. Different people become burden because of many different reasons that may have to do with a disability or that they're in capable of thinking for themselves, or they end up holding someone else back because of them.


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