Digital Media Level 2 Semester 2 - Comm-Unity Matthew chan - 14524939

Comm-Unity App Design

Provided here is a mock-up of the app with some of the key pages created to establish a feel for the project, showcasing the the project's art style as well as usability. With further development, a full app with fully usable pages and information would be created. For now, a bare-bones version of the app has been created.

Mock Ups of the App's Interface

Displayed here are the four screens already developed for the app. (From left to right) The Loading Screen, Map View, Scan (to activate the NFC chip) and the Side Menu.

Comm-Unity 'Puck'
The Comm-Unity Puck

As seen above are the Comm-Unity Pucks. These act as beacons to connect the user with the location through the use of onboard NFC chips. These pucks could be purchased by local businesses and councils to increase visitors and improve the local economy. Also seen are the varying colours that the puck can be purchased in.

The Puck as seen on a Café
The Puck mounted to a Toy Shop Wall
The Puck displayed outside a Student's Union
The Puck as seen on a riverside trail

Here we see the pucks in various public settings showing how the objects would look in reality, ready for explorers to interact with it.

The Comm-Unity Logo

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