Beard CARE 101! By Professional Barber, Darius Nelms


For thousands of years, beards have been a symbol of structure, wisdom, strength and manhood. In some cultures, it's even considered a sacred symbol. For example, King Solomon in the Bible was arguably considered the wisest men on earth and he had a beard in his old age! Samson was arguably the strongest man to ever walk the earth and possessed great strength in his hair, but we can't forget the look his beard gave him! Therefore, don't neglect your beard and give it the attention it deserves to possess that same wisdom and strength!

Beard Wash

Beard wash is my favorite! It's simply a means to cleansing your beard without drying out your beard or stripping natural oils from your beard. It's important to wash your beard with beard wash every other day to maintain beard cleanliness and to re-establish style and lushness. Fact: Beard wash is gentler than regular soap, which is why it's highly recommended for your beard every other day.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a go to and favorite for most people, but one thing you must know is that beard oil is a sealant to lock in moisture, so the trick to beard oil when sort of be revealed on the next product listing. Beard oil can last anywhere from 4-5 hours or all day. It depends on how porous your skin is. It's recommended to oil your beard daily; however, due to it's oily texture, its best to put beard oil on in the morning, but AFTER you apply 👇

Beard Butter

Beard butter is a softening agent that pairs great with beard oil. It's made with mango and Shea butter which results in a easy dissolve when applied to your beard. The beard butter is recommended daily as well to help detangle, soften and provide more shine to your beard; single handedly or when paired with beard oil. It literally melts in your hand! It's recommended to use daily with the beard oil.

Beard Balm

Beard Balm is great for the big bearded gents to help an unruly beard. Have a long beard? This balm will help you control the direction it grows and will help in the styling process. The balm can be compared to a wax or 'styling gel' for the big bearded fellas. Even for the short bearded gents, it can help when wanting to straighten out your beard. It's recommended to use when your beard becomes unruly and needs direction.

Beard Hydrating Mist

This beard hydrating mist is a sleeper and a product you won't find anywhere else! Great for after the shower use when needing to apply product to your beard. Hydrating mist is a spray made from distilled water and essential oils to put on before bed without leaving oily residue on your pillow after a good night's of rest. It dries and gives your beard the hydration it needs for 8-10 hours of rest. You'll love this one! It's recommended to use nightly after showering.

Beard Exfoliating Scrub

The Beard Exfoliating Scrub is a way to get any dirt, grime, or dead skin from underneath your beard. With its granulated texture, it'll awaken dead skin and remove it. Exfoliants are recommended for use once or twice a week because of it's stripping powers. After using the exfoliating scrub, it's important to follow up with beard butter and oil. The exfoliating scrub is great to use in the morning and is great as a facial exfoliant wash as well.

Fun Facts!

Proud to say that all Debonair Beard and Co products are sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free, and the fragrances are amazing. All products take a dime size or less for maximum use, so don't expect to run out of your product any time soon! My personal favorite scents? Mahogany Teakwood and Paul Bunyan. Best sellers at my barbershop, Premium Fade League? Mahogany Teakwood and Distinguished Gentleman! The mini beard kit is a great starter for those starting their beard journey or wanting to try products for low cost.


Wash (every other day) - Oil and Butter (daily) - Balm (as needed) - Hydrating Mist (nightly) - Exfoliating Scrub (once-twice a week)


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