Misha Glenny Talk to the Hackers!

In this video that follows Misha Gleen does an amazing job of summarizing how we can stop the hackers that are so vital in what is being put in front of our faces when we dive into this wonderful world we know as the internet. When he says he talked to 6 diffrent hackers you start to realize something. The first one he talk about is Dimitriy Golubov when he says "You have to understand though that from his ninth birthday, the only environment he knew was gangsterism. He knew no other way of making a living and making money." You realize that these are the ways that people grow up you thing to yourself , why aren't we nurturing these across seas "Gangster Hackers". The answer for that is that we are so focused on our fancy criminal justice system we aren't helping the people who need guidance. Their moral compass has just been " Aimed off". If we keep on throwing the people in jail that could help wage this war then what are we learning form them? THe answer is nothing. If we stay focused on our criminal justice system instead of trying to care for and "guide them back to the light" Then we are creating something that won't ever be able to be stopped. Misha Glenny does an amazing job going into great detail of how we can stop and help people in this cyberwar.

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