Good Life Tour of the FLMNH Hannah Argetsinger

Nature on Display

The most appealing exhibit in the FLMNH was the butterfly room. To me, this created an experience like no other. The pure nature of this exhibit was completely immersive, and provides an experience like no other exhibit in the museum. Personally, I am not to fond of butterflies, and they honestly kind of scares me. The thought of one of them touching or landing on me made me very uncomfortable, but I still took much enjoyment out of witnessing their natural beauty. Overall, the butterfly room provided a pleasant experience, primarily based in its design/display. Through being able to walk through a room on a guided path, it provided an opportunity to feel as though one was in these butterfly's natural habitat. I would not have gained the same experience solely looking at them behind a glass or through pictures. As a result, the butterfly room demonstrated the impact that powerful and innovative display of exhibits can provide for an individual.

Nature and Ethics

i apologize for looking so uncomfortable in this picture

The exhibit that instilled an ethical responsibility in me was the beach scene. This portion of the exhibit portrayed the natural beauty of Florida and its varying habitats. I am from Ohio, and I hate the cold, but strongly admire Florida and its natural beauty. In particular, I absolutely love the beaches and the costal life throughout this state. However, these beaches are a very sensitive ecosystem, and year by year have been devastated by human interaction. In particular, I am standing next to the sea turtle exhibit. These animals have been devastated by human hunting and pollution, and their populations have been recorded to have declined by 80% over the past three generations (I know this bc I just did a presentation on sea turtles lol). Anyways, the reality is that these beautiful species and environments could be gone if we do not do anything. Thus, through the demonstration of Florida's natural beauty in these exhibits, they instilled a sense of moral responsibility in me to do what I can to help.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The last portion of my FLMNH tour had to do with finding something that related to the human spirit. Although this was not necessarily a piece of art, it belonged to the overall exhibit. This was along a wall with various other quotes, but this in particular spoke to me. In particular, I thought this would be good to include as it blends the assignment of art with my own personal hobbies. I have been playing in band and within marching bands since middle school, and continue to do so here at UF. As a result, music is a big part of my life, and continues to influence my everyday. This quote compares nature to music, and I think this is an accurate comparison. Similar to nature, music is something universal, and something that can impact everyone regardless of culture, language, or background. To me, music allows me to connect to my "human spirit" and to step outside of myself. Similar to this, nature can act to do the same. These both can help us disconnect from our daily lives and appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world. Through this, we can better come to understand who we are as a result of spending time viewing nature, or creating and experiencing music.

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