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"For now at least, it is still safe to say Shakespeare did indeed write the 37 plays and 154 sonnets credited to him. Yes, so much so that in 1597, he bought one of the most prestigious properties in all of Stratford, The New Place."


Shakespeare is one famous people in the world. one of the most famous plays he has done was hamlet. Overall Shakespeare had 37 plays and 154 sonnets credited to him. most people don't even go to the movies 154 time a life span.



All's Well That Ends Well , As You Like It , Cymbeline , The Comedy of Errors , Love's Labour's Lost , Measure for Measure , The Merchant of Venice , The Merry Wives of Windsor , A Midsummer Night's Dream , Much Ado About Nothing , Pericles , The Taming of the Shrew , The Tempest , Troilus and Cressida , The Two Gentlemen of Verona , Twelfth Night , The Winter's Tale


Cymbeline was also one of the plays were it was kinda if you liked it someone probably does not. it was not their most famous but it was good enough to please some people. But their was a special someone in this play Samuel Jackson was in this play with Shakespeare. Shakespeare and Samuel Jackson were really good friends but not best friends.



The general consensus is that Shakespeare wrote thirty-seven plays . However, no one can know for certain because of the inexact documentation at the time the plays were first being organized and published. If we include The Two Noble Kinsmen and two lost plays attributed to Shakespeare, Cardenio and Love's Labour's Won , then we could say he wrote, either alone or in collaboration, forty plays. Moreover, in the last few years many critics have begun to reassess a play called Edward III , currently grouped with a collection of eleven other plays known as the Shakespeare Apocrypha. Edward III bears striking similarities to Shakespeare's early histories. Another play, Sir Thomas More has also been under debate. Handwriting analysis has led scholars to believe that Shakespeare revised parts of Sir Thomas More , but, like Edward III , it is not part of the standard collection of Shakespeare's plays.


we talked about Shakespeare best play but what about Shakespeare's worst plays such as The two gentlemen of Verona. it was rated the worst play the grade it got was a D. Some people think that it was so bad that he didn't write it.



Birth and childhood . William Shakespeare was probably born on about April 23, 1564, the date that is traditionally given for his birth. He was John and Mary Shakespeare's oldest surviving child; their first two children, both girls, did not live beyond infancy.


Shakespeare was a lucky child beside the fact that he didn't do at birth and did not die at a young age like other family children. it was common for baby's to die even before coming out of their mother. and Shakespeare had a bigger chance of dying because of his two sister dying.



Their father, John Shakespeare, was a leatherworker who specialized in the soft white leather used for gloves and similar items. A prosperous businessman, he married Mary Arden, of the prominent Arden family. John rose through local offices in Stratford, becoming an alderman and eventually, when William was five, the town bailiff—much like a mayor. Not long after that, however, John Shakespeare stepped back from public life; we don't know why.


Most people didn't know that William was a Bailiff but he was and like it says in the text he did take a step back a left but nobody knew why. I think the reason he lift was to pursue his writing career or to start his writing career. being five years at age and the town bailiff was probably a job that he was forced into or he wanted to do it and liked it.



Shakespeare, as the son of a leading Stratford citizen, almost certainly attended Stratford's grammar school. Like all such schools, its curriculum consisted of an intense emphasis on the Latin classics, including memorization, writing, and acting classic Latin plays. Shakespeare most likely attended until about age 15.


Shakespeare attended Stratford for grammar school he study Latin plays and did acting classic plays. Shakespeare dropped out of grammar school at age 15,to go on in Shakespeare did not attended a university because his father did not have the money. at age 18 Shakespeare got married.



A few years after he left school, in late 1582, William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. She was already expecting their first-born child, Susanna, which was a fairly common situation at the time. When they married, Anne was 26 and William was 18. Anne grew up just outside Stratford in the village of Shottery. After marrying, she spent the rest of her life in Stratford.


Most people in Shakespeare time got married as earlier as 13 years old they do this because most of the people back then did not make it to at least 60 years of age so that why they married young. In 1592 Shakespeare had a series of plays, Henry VI series, Richard III , and The Comedy of Errors were performed.



At age 15, William purchased the New Place. This was one of the most prominent and desired properties in all of Stratford being the second largest house in town. Given his father's known financial hardship from 1576, William must either have used his own money to buy this expensive property or his father had placed money in his son’s name. It is possible William might have bought this prominent property with money from his plays. It is estimated that roughly fifteen of his 37 plays would have been written and performed by 1597!


In William day of age kids were not allowed to stay at home for a long time they kick you out of the house. William Shakespeare sold and bought land to pay for his plays. By 1597 he wrote 37 plays. And he actually played in front of queen Elizabeth 1.



William made his greatest financial gain in 1605 when he purchased leases of real estate near Stratford. This investment of some four hundred and forty pounds doubled in value and earned him 60 pounds income each year. Some academics speculate that this investment gave the Bard the time he needed to write plays uninterrupted and we know that he was indeed thought of as a businessman in the Stratford area...


Most people were not as smart as Shakespeare what Shakespeare did to get more money was invest in estate and each year he gets 60 pounds for each year. most people in the 1600 thought of William Shakespeare as more of a Businessman. Shakespeare bought the second biggest house in Startford, in 1597.



There are no records of Shakespeare's activities between 1585 and 1592. Some have speculated (guessed) that he was a traveling actor or a country schoolmaster. The earliest surviving mention of his career in London, England, is a jealous attack by Robert Greene, a playwright, which indicates that Shakespeare had already established himself in the capital. It is hard to believe that even Shakespeare could have shown the mastery evident in his plays without several years of apprenticeship (the period of time a person works to learn a skill).


Other than Shakespeare being a actor, writer and estate owner some people speculated that he was a school master or traveling actor. The earliest surviving mention of his career in London is attack by Robert Greene. Robert Greene was a sour man to many people he was noy a nice person to any of his friends.

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