Divergent MOVIE VS. BOOK

The book was so good but hard to understand, it was so much harder to understand because it was so much more than the movie and it had stuff that i think didn't event go with what they were talking about. I like how the book has so much more detail than the movie did, it was kinda more interesting.

The movie was so better than the book because it had so much more action then the book did, i understand it way more than the book. the movie i got way more into and the book i didn't that much. It really did catch my attention.

The difference between the book and the movie was the book had so much more detail than the movie but the book was more boring than the movie. The movie had so much more action than the book and i really like the movie better it cached my attention way more than the book ever did, and the movie was more understandable.

I think you should watch the movie because it was way better than the book. It has so much action in it than the book, the book is so much more confusing then the movie. The book was way harder to understand and sometimes it didn't even go with the part it was talking about.

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