Baseball stadium Analogy By Gavin Gullion

Cell wall

A stadium is like a cell wall. The cell wall provides structure for the plant. A stadium is like the cell wall for a baseball field. Both a cell wall and a stadium keep structure for something.

Cell membrane

The fence is like a cell membrane. The cell membrane keeps things in and out. A baseball fence keeps the fans out and the players in. A fence and a cell membrane act in the same way because they both keep things in and out.


The Baseball players are like ribosome. Ribosomes make protein. Players make money and money is like protein because without money they couldn't keep the stadium to get all the food or pay the umpires. They act in the same way because without the protein or money they wouldn't be able to function.

Rough (er)

The isle ways are like the Rough (er). The rough (er) is transport. Isle ways are just like the rough (er) because they both transport. The isle ways transport people to the bathrooms concession or seats.

Smooth (er)

Food and the smooth (er) similar. The smooth (er) produces fat. Food makes fat in your body. The food and smooth(er ) both make fats so they are the same in ways of fat.

Golgi apparatus

A bus and the golgi are similar. The golgi moves things out. A bus moves the players out of the stadium after the game. A plane also moves you out of the state after a game. In these ways the golgi and a bus are the same because they both move things out.


Trash and Lysosome. Lysosome is what the trash in the cell. A trash can is just like a Lysosome because it stores the trash, They are the same because they both store trash.


The press and nucleus. The nucleus is the control center. The press is like the control center because the press tells everything that is happening during the game. The nucleus and the press are the same because they both control something.


Blue prints and DNA. DNA is like a map of where everything is. Blueprints tells you where everything is at in the stadium. They are alike because they both tell us where everything is at in the cell/stadium.


Fans and the Nucleolus. The nucleolus produces ribosomes. The players are the ribosomes and they are the reason the fans are there. They both make up a big part of their cell/stadium.


Powerade and the mitochondria. The mitochondria produces energy. Powerade produces energy for the players when they are thirsty or out of energy. They are the same because they both produces energy.


dugout and the Vacuole. Vacuole is the storage space. A dugout is where the players store their stuff. They are the same because they both are a storage unit.


Grass and the cytoplasm. The Cytoplasm is the extra space in the cell. The grass is the space on a field that the outfielders are on. They are the same because they are space in the cell/field.

Created By
Robert Gullion


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