WWI: Trench Warfare Survival Guide By: Jayden Hoke

Gas Mask

Public Domain

This is a WWI gas mask. These were used by the people in the trenches. It protected them from the poison gases like chlorine.

Steel Helmet


This is a steel helmet form WWI. It was used to protect the heads of the people in the trenches. It protected the people from shrapnel.

Entrenching Tool


This is an entrenching tool. It was built in WWI to help dig trenches. The invention of this tool made digging trenches easier.

Emergency Medical Kit 


This medical kit from WWI included first aid items. If someone got injured you would use this kit. You could carry all of the items in the bag in case of an urgent emergency.


This is a weapon that was used. People would use it to defend themselves. Also, to kill the enemies.

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