Installation of shark nets by klara denny

The Installation of Shark Nets

Editorial by Klara Denny


The installation of shark nets is starting to get more popular, but the fish aren’t. The whole purpose of shark nets is to protect us. But what about all the fish and marine life that get stuck in them?It is a much unknown fact that sharks actually help us by keeping the food web in check, they could hold cures for diseases, they help keep the carbon cycle in motion, they inspire smart design and boost the local economies. So why should we block them off?The reason they put shark nets in the ocean is to protect us people from getting attacked by sharks, but, do we really need them. Sharks do not mean to hurt us, they just want to see if we are edible. There were seventeen shark attacks in 2016 and two of those people died. In a plane crash hundreds of people pass away. Or in the car accidents people have each year where about ten people pass away.Millions of fish and other marine life get stuck in shark nets and die each year. Shark nets are great for our protection but not for the marine life. It is not just small fish and small marine life that get stuck in shark nets, other animals like whales, stingrays and sharks themselves get stuck in those nets too.If we want to keep on eating sushi we are going to have to come up with another idea that saves us and the marine life from dying. For example there could be a wall that the marine life can see and don’t crash into.If you like sushi, say NO to shark nets!


I think I did my photo shopped image pretty well for this assessment task because it looks as though it was a normal picture. It is a picture of a tropical, white beach and a full – grown turtle tangled in shark nets and washed up on the beach. It was one of the hardest things in this assessment task but it was fun most of the time. Reflection

What I would do differently in this assessment task is my written text because it doesn’t go much into detail. It would have been better if I would have written the written text a bit more in detail. It could have had a bit more words in it too. My whole assessment task also could have been a bit better by me trying to put more and more words in it. Reflection

I needed help with the photo shop at first but then my friend explained it to me and now I completely understand how to use photo shop. I also got a bit confused how to save a photo shopped image as a JPEG and the written text. The written text was a bit confusing because I forgot that it was meant to be more than three hundred words. I also was confused with how to annotate and how to put things on Thing link and also Adobe Spark Page. This whole assessment was a little bit confusing but once everything is set up it is easy to work with. Reflection re r a r reflection re a reflection re a re reflection

• You have to have good body language skills

• You have to have a loud voice

• You have to look happy not sad

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