Volcano keaton

table of contents

1. lava

2. volcanoes erupting

3. volcanoes are lockted

4.how hot volcanoes are

when volcanoes erupt its shooting out lava. volcanoes shoot lava and damage Everything it toches. lava stays on the ground and can harden. lava can be rely big and very stroing. if you see a volcano get out of city and stay away.

volcano's erupt if you live by one carefull. volcanoes damage land and if it happens with you in it that wiod be scary. it can cover land with fire. volcanoes are very very stroing. if you see a volcano stay away.

volcanoes are loketed in many places. volcanoes are on islands in ocean. volcanoes are sometimes by your house. volcanoes are in a place whare its hot weather. maybe you will live by one

volcanoes are over 900 degrees. when volcanoes touch something it will burn to nothing.volcanoes are so hot if it touches you it will damage you.if a volcano happen in water it would go away for a while. if you saw it in the water i would not go in water


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