Jacques Cartier By Mikayla M

Jacques Cartier was born in Saint-Mala, France in 1491. His career was a sailor.

Jacques Cartier's motivation was to find a passage to China and also to find precious metals in the area.

He was sponsored by King Francis 1 of France.

On Jacques Cartier's first voyage, he was successful in finding a passage to China, or so he thought. He actually found a way to the New World. On his third voyage, one of his men wasn't ready, so they left him behind. Once they were there, they decided to stay the winter. During the winter some of Jacques' men got scurvy. He found out that if you chewed a specific kind of bark, it cured it. When they were ready to go back to Europe, he counted his men, and there were only 85 men left! So they had to sink one of their ships because there wasn't enough men to go on all of their ships.

Some Europeans thought that they could find riches to bring back to Europe, very few European explorers actually did. Jacques Cartier's impact of exploration was he designed the territory name Canada. He also had a good relationship with some of the native tribes so sometimes they let him and his men stay with them. The last impact of his explorations was that he found a main water way for Europeans to enter North America.

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