At one point in time, the telegraph was used to send messages along great distances. In the present time, we use cell phones to communicate along great distances. Now thinking about the future, technological advances such as holograms could be used to make face to face contact. Communication has helped culture and society but has also created a lot of hindrances. As we address this issue, we will state the pros and provides steps to overcome the cons. This dawns the question, “How can communication technology help or hinder culture and society today?” How can this issue be solved or addressed?

Step: Research about current communication such as cellphone, laptops, and social networking. Research about the pros and cons to determine the significance of how it effects culture and society.

Step: Through our multimedia presentation we will be able to showcase negative impacts on how communication effects society and culture today.

Step: We should strengthen the laws associated with pedestrians and drivers engaging in communication methods while driving and walking. Also increasing penalties, implementing cameras and sensors will ensure safety and warnings for pedestrians and drivers.

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This is a video about how communication evolved through out the years. It also showcases how the future might be related to communication with one another.

This Ted Talk presentation by Shelly Turkle demonstrates how technology has connected us more but in a sense, they have made us alone. As you watch the video, you will come to see one negative aspect of how communication affects culture and society.


Communication methods have been developing in many areas of day to day to life. Social networks have brought people from face-to-face communication to virtual communication. Our group will tackle the pros and cons of how communication helps and hinders culture and society. As a group we will showcase communication in multiple environment setting such as business, education and workplace. By examining the various way people communicate in each situation, we should be able to state the problem with our solution and how it will effect communication in the future. Adding on, our group will create a PowToon media presentation on the pros and cons of communication in culture and society. We will also show Youtube videos to illustrate to our audience, the severity of the problem. Furthermore, it will also enable people to see how it might impact them in day-to-day interactions with others and provide possible solutions they could make to overcome the stated problems.

Brief Description of Media Piece

As we tend to grow up we rely on multimedia communication that will give us access to others virtually rather physically. Thanks to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. We have now access to each other through these updated technology features by these media networks. By 2018, 2.5 billion people are expected to be using social network sites (Statistical 2016). By weighing out the pros and cons of new methods of communication in society and culture we were able to address the negative impact and come up with possible solution to over come these problems.


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