Henry Hudson By Sean Matrose

Henry Hudson sailed/worked for England.

Henry Hudson was hired by the Dutch East India Company, England. At the time England had been looking for more land to own. That's why they hired Henry Hudson.

Henry Hudson was looking for a Northern route to Asia.

Henry was trying to find a Northern route to Asia. Even through rough weather every body had to stay simply on track. He wanted to find Asia because it was a place were there wasn't much.

Henry Hudson found the Hudson River.

Henry Hudson founded many things... Like... The Hudson River, the Hudson Strait, and the Hudson Bay. These are all of Henry Hudson's most famous discoveries ever... Ever... Everrrrr! Though he was a great man his crew members thought he was keeping some extra food and matirials for him and his son. Later he was marooned with his son and seven other crew members and never herd from again.

North Americans and Henry Hudson met.

When Henry Hudson met with the North Americans it could go either really really good or really really bad! For Henry Hudson it was both! They faught over land and trade. But they were also pretty nice at trying not to make a big deal over there differences.

Henry Hudson is always remembered.

Henry Hudson should always be remembered as the man who could sail. Though he is famous for his foundings he should also be remembered by his sailing. He wouldn't have made the great journeys he did without his skillful sailing!

Thank you for reading about Henry Hudson!!!


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