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Similar: This novel and film both take place in Panem, a city of 12 districts. The main location is District 13, one that not many knew existed prior to the 75th Hunger Games. All districts are mentioned or visited in this book/movie.

Different: In the novel written by Suzanne Collins, the time spent in district 2 was much more significant. A large portion of the book took place in district 2 due to the weapon circumstance. In the movie however the time spent in this specific district didn't share the same significance.


Similar: The main characters are the same in both versions of this story. They include: Katniss, Gale, Peeta, Finnick, Haymitch, President Coin, President Snow, Boggs, Prim, and Plutarch.

Different: Plutarch, a game-maker, had a bigger role in the movie then the novel gave him. A character who was mentioned in the book but not the movie is Delly, a girl from district 12. In the book she talked to Peeta when he was still in the hospital to try to reach him and help him understand. In the movie Prim had this role to help Peeta.

Plot Events

Similar: When Katniss declares how our weapons should point to the capital and Snow, a citizen of District 2 shoots her in the lungs. She survives in both forms but is still injured. The destruction of the capital in the movie is in 2 stages just how the book is. The first attack draws more people in just so that the rebels can kill more people in the second attack, including Prim. The movie and book both share a large plot twist. This is when Katniss kills president Coin instead of president Snow.

Different: In the book, Katniss and a past victor, Joanne, spend a large amount of time training spans getting in shape. They do this so that they will be allowed to go to the capital to fight for the Rebels. In the movie this is replaced by Katniss just sneaking off to the capital, and Joanne doesn't accompany her. Near the end of the movie when Gale and Katniss are fighting in the capital a truck exploded and separates the two of them. This is different in the book because a trap in the floor is what separates the two rebels.


Similar: Gale works in district two while Katniss and Peeta live in District 12 with their kids. President Coin and President Snow both are dead and the districts of Panem now have a trusted leader.

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