The idea is simple! Each month we post a different activity for teachers and students to complete, worldwide. The activities are ready-to-go and can be completed at any time. As two classroom teachers, our hope is to create a way for students to engage in activities 'together' across the globe, inspiring students and teachers to recognize our commonalities and appreciate our many differences. For more information about #GlobalSpeedChat, check out this blog post. Enjoy!

This school-year #GlobalSpeedChat will focus on creating ready-to-go activities that help our world move closer toward accomplishing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As you scroll through the page below, you will notice that each monthly activity is linked to a SDG. The activities will engage students in either an overall awareness of the SDG, or engage students in a problem-solving activity related to the specific SDG.

Enjoy! - Kim Preshoff & Jennifer Hesseltine (@turtlemomki & @jenhesseltine)

Please feel free to complete any activity at any time during the year! After completing an activity, please tag us with pictures @GlobalSpeedChat on Twitter and use the hashtag #GlobalSpeedChat.

Activity #1: September 2018


Activity #1 : The focus for September's #GlobalSpeedChat activity is on SDG #4 Quality Education. What does education look like around the world? What does school mean to you? Check out this article and video with pictures of schools around the world. Observe and acknowledge the similarities and differences in the images, then create a BLACKOUT POEM that expresses some ideas about education and school! Teachers - take pictures of the blackout poetry and post the pictures on the #GlobalSpeedChat Activity #1 Padlet.

Note to Teachers - to complete the above task, show your students the links to the article and videos above. In order to create a blackout poem, students may use copies of old newspapers (in any language), magazines, or other text. Simply use a black marker to black out any unwanted words. You may also allow students to use an online blackout poetry generator - like this one from MIT! Remember to take a picture or screen shot of your poems and post on the Activity #1 Padlet.

Activity #2: October 2018


The focus of October's #GlobalSpeedChat activity will be on SDG #16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. Promote peace and understanding with Random Acts of Kindness! Take part in a Random Act of Kindness or Paint a Rock with a beautiful drawing or word of encouragement -- "plant" your rock somewhere to be found. Post your random act of kindness or a photo of your rock on our Activity #2 Padlet! Need some ideas? Check out this Kid President video and Random Acts of Kindness Triathlon! For some rockin' inspiration, watch this video. Post your work on the Activity #2 Padlet.

Activity #3: November 2018


November 19, 2018 marks World Toilet Day. Although a topic that is not often discussed, it is essential that it be addressed! SDG # 6: Clean water and sanitation are key to the health of a country and its people. After all, in order to have clean water, it is necessary to have an organized system of sanitation. Bring attention to this topic by using the Water Drop Template and creating a piece of artwork that addresses this issue. Take pics and post on Activity #3 Padlet. Take a look at the samples already posted on the Padlet!

Print the water drop template below, and have your student cut it out and decorate it, after learning about water and sanitation issues worldwide! Don't forget to take pictures and post on the #GSC activity Padlet below!

Activity #4: December 2018


Welcome to the December #GlobalSpeedChat activity! SDG #9: Innovation, Industry and Infrastructure will be our focus! What better example to provide that to the world than the International Space Station! It starts with a bit of a story: We (the world) have been asked to form a group of five representatives to send out into the realm of space to act as ambassadors for Earth! Who would you want to send to represent us to the unknown world? Post your list of five representatives, along with an explanation of your choices on the Activity #4 Padlet.

Activity #5: January 2019


Welcome to the January #GlobalSpeedChat Activity! This month's focus will be on SDG#15: Life on Land (protect, restore and promote sustainable use). One way to do that is to decrease waste! Bring attention to this issue with a little Garbage Graffiti. Reuse your packaging to CREATE some garbage graffiti that makes a statement...take a photo, and post it to the #GlobalSpeedChat Activity #5 Padlet!

Great example of Garbage Graffiti-Kim Preshoff

Activity #6: February 2019


Let's focus on SDG Goal # 2: Hunger. What could be some possible solutions to world hunger? What can you think of? Let's start with what allows food to grow: SEEDS. Write a short paragraph from the perspective of a seed...let your thoughts grow into a solution for world hunger, a way to increase awareness on the topic, or perhaps a poem about the potential of one seed. Post your ideas and thoughts on the #GlobalSpeedChat Activity 6 Padlet! Watch this TED Ed lesson on the Global Seed Vault to learn more!

Activity # 7: March 2019


Welcome to the March activity for #GlobalSpeedChat! We will be focusing on SDG #14 : Life Below Water! World Water Day will be celebrated on March 22, 2019! What will you commit to changing? Will you commit to decreasing your plastic use, never using a straw again, decreasing your carbon footprint, recycling, investing in reusable eating utensils? What will you do that will make a difference and how will you get others involved? Create a PSA or a poster with a group of friends and post it to the GSC Activity #7 Padlet. Make a piece of art from plastic that you would normally throw away. Or...collect all the plastic you use in a week and post a picture of it on this Activity #7 Padlet!

Activity #8: April 2019


This month marks World Health Day on April 7, 2019! The focus of this month's #GlobalSpeedChat activity will be on SDG # 3: Good Health and Well Being! Which words come to mind when you think of being healthy? For fun, create a list of at least three words and create a Portmanteau. Be sure to tell us why you chose those words! Use this Portmanteau generator! Be creative! Post your portmanteau on the #GlobalSpeedChat Activity #8 Padlet.

Activity # 9: May 2019


What is poverty? Is there a solution? May 15, 2019 marks the International Day of Families. Focus this month will be on SDG # 1: NO POVERTY: End Poverty in All Its Forms Everywhere. Watch Trash to Treasure below and ponder what you can find in your life to "upcycle" into something else. Post a picture on the padlet below. What else can you do? Start a food drive for a local pantry, collect gently used school supplies at the end of the year to donate to a needy school, try living five days on the average income of someone in poverty--$1.25. Post your thoughts in our padlet. What can you buy for $1.25 to eat for the whole day?

Activity #10: June 2019


How COOL is your SCHOOL? This month celebrates World Environment Day on June 5, 2019! The focus will be on SDG # 13: Climate ACTION! How will you take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts? First, what is YOUR impact or carbon footprint? Visit the Cool Climate Network Carbon Footprint Calculator. Find out here and post it on Activity #10 Padlet. Make a meme on Adobe Spark to raise climate change awareness, or to make a personal pledge on how you will change your carbon footprint.

A Bit More About #GlobalSpeedChat...

This is our third year hosting #GlobalSpeedChat activities for the WORLD! Below you will find some pictures of last year's activities, along with the link to our #GlobalSpeedChat activities from the 2016-2017 school year! As always, feel free to go back and complete any of the activities at any time.

Results from 2016-2017 #GlobalSpeedChat Activities


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