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SPLEE is related to a shark because the head of splee is a shark and the teeth are as sharp as a machete no butter knife. Sharks use the teeth for fish to eat. The don't want the fish to escape.

Splee is related to a porcupine because the quills are my body the quills are the most dangerous part of splee because it would hurt to get one stuck in your body. To use the quills you have to charge backward because the quills are faced backwards not forwards.

Splee is related to a lobster claw because my animal doesn't have legs it has a claw. Splee uses the claw for attacks that are going forward. The porcupine quills are mad for atracks going backwards.

Splee is related to a electric eel because splee has a tail of an electric eel. Splee uses its tail for shocks the shock could be as much as 500 volts. So splee uses his tail for shocks that can go up to 500 volts. So if you find splee don't mess with it.


The animals habitat is about 18,860 feet deep northeast of Maui. (Maui is a different part of Hawaii). So you ask why it is at the bottom of the ocean? It is at the bottom of the ocean because it is the size of an alein shark. Alein sharks live at the bottom of the ocean.


Splee's niche is takes care of the alien sharks and other sharks like Tiger Sharks,Hammerhead Sharks,Bull Sharks, and Mako Sharks. Splee is at the top of the food chain nothing eats it.

The food chain

I know you can't see all of it both this is how it goes. Splee eats the fish and then the fish eats the microscopic food. Simple right? Yes my animal is at the top of the food chain. Splee is a predator,secondary consumer,omnivore, and a consumer. That is not complicated!!

Human Influence

Humans have changed splee's life because one time splee went to the top of the ocean he saw a shark dying and it made him sad

Climate of the ocean

Since nobody has been that deep down the ocean except for me I didn't have a thermometer to check it. So the next time I go that deep down in the ocean I will check.

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