Journey Log #7 John Krall - johnnyk - section 041 - journey log 7 - ranger

Habit of Mind: Engagement

This week during class one of the things we worked on was how to properly peer review someone else's paper. It was interesting because previously in high school and before that I had done very little to no peer reviewing. I may have peer reviewed a long time ago but never in high school. It was kind of new to me and it was different trying to find a way to word my advice on other peoples papers. Since I had not done too much peer reviewing one of the things I researched for this journey log was how to be an engaged peer reviewer. I know we talked about it in class as well but I wanted to see if there where any other ways that were helpful. One of the things that I found was to try and "concentrate rather on showing the added value of your scientific knowledge and not so much on missing commas etc" (Peer Review). By this, the author is saying to not focus as much on simple typographic issues in the paper but more of the over all themes and to engage with the paper. This was beneficial to me because previously I had focused more on the easier way of peer reviewing which is just to fix the grammar issues.

The next topic I wanted to talk about from class was about some of our upcoming projects in Minecraft. The only time I had played Minecraft before this class was in high school when some of my friends got me to buy it for 20 dollars on playstation. The only thing I knew how to do was go and try to destroy one of my friends(who actually knew how to build stuff) beds and then try to kill them so they would spawn in the jungle and get mad at me which was pretty funny. After starting to play this game again for his class, I wanted to research some of the intricacies and things behind the game that can make it more engaging and fun to play. Since i'm a pretty competitive person I looked up how to beat the game and found out that you have to find out where the portal is to kill the dragon. "Once the portal has been physically located, activate every frame and the portal to the end will be revealed" (Wiki). After this I was able to find the dragon but it took me forever to kill because i'm not great at moving in the game on my laptop. However I found it pretty interesting how you can create portals in the game and thought it was cool that they added stuff in Minecraft beyond just building with blocks.

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