Book Report Cupcake Diaries: Mia's boiling Point

Grace Lai (37) S2D

Cupcake Diaries: Mia's Boiling Point
  • Author: Coco Simon
  • Publisher: Simon Spotlight
  • ISBN: 9781442453968
  • Genre: Fiction
  • No.of pages: 160 pages


Middle school can be hard... some days you need a cupcake.

This book is about friendship and school life. Mia is a fashion, kind and nice classmate. There's a new girl in town, Olivia. She is also fashion and they become friends. Mia tries to take her under the wings but Mia discover that Olivia isn't as good as she expect. Olivia laugh and tease at others and always stuck to Mia. Mia's best friends find that Olivia is mean and tell her to stay away from her. Mia know it was rude to ignore Olivia.

But on the other hand, she asks Mia to lend her money, even though Mia has been saving for weeks for a new pair of shoes. She lends it to Olivia, only to find out that she has used the money to buy the exact same shoes Mia has been saving up for. It really hit Mia's boiling point. Eventually, in the ending, Olivia slip and fall with those shoes in a party and it is extremely hilarious.


Hungry? Want another sweet cupcake?

~Maybe Ava is platinum, and Katie and Alexis and Emma were gold, and Olivia was sliver~

In the story Ava is Mia's oldest friend, they have known each other for a long time, there relationship just won't change. Katie an Alexis are her closest friends in school and Olivia is just a friend.

I definitely agree with this quote. Sometimes there has to be a stage of friendship, not everybody is going to be your best friend. We only need to have a few best friends that can really understands you and help you when you have difficulties.


I think you need to make it by yourself

This book is really attractive and I love the happy ending, it makes me feel delighted. It explains about real relationships from fake ones. It is a perfect example of real girl's live with jealousy, mean girls, excluding, and judging. Girls of all ages go through this routine. It teaches us what to do to handle it and to not become one of those gossiping girls who delight in that. We can stop this silent version of bullying with this kind of encouragement.

I highly recommend this book to girls who love reading about girls their own age. People who are having problems in their life and a hard time handling friendships.

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