Good Life Performance Lisa Lam

The Spatial Experience

When I entered the building, I felt a sense of excitement. Entering the building, there was a crowd of people eager to see the The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt. Aside from the play, students and other individuals chatted about what the plot of the play could be and they adored the artwork outside the auditorium. Moving somewhat fast in line, closer to the auditorium, the room became more dim. My friend and I were seated in the middle of the auditorium. I felt like my seat location gave me the perfect view of the set design as well as the actors and actresses. The size of the auditorium was smaller than expected, however, I felt like it made the atmosphere cozier and a sense of a unified audience. The role of place in the Good Life is its affect on you and the people that surrounds you. In my case, I felt a sense of excitement as well as a sense of warmth.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with my current roommate and my future roommate. To get ready for the play, my roommates and I read a brief description of the play. Attending the play with my roommates definitely enhanced my experience because it gave me an opportunity to discuss the plot of the storyline. Moreover, I was able to reflect back on my experience at the Good Life play by hearing about my roommates' experience. Shared experiences bring a sense of fulfillment in the Good Life. I believe these experiences are valuable because often times, experiences like these are spent with those that we care about.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central idea that was addressed in this performance was the relationship between poverty, injustice, and authority. The play was set in 1905, a time where churches were put on a pedestal and set the moral atmosphere for society. Michel witnessed the clash of injustice and authority in the church, moreover, he witnessed poverty through Talbot and his family.

Before attending the performance, I had some general knowledge about the Catholic church and its role in society from my World History class in high school. The performance did not neccessarily change my views on the issue of the Catholic church or poverty, but it did deepen my understanding of how strict the church was and its affect on society.

I wouldn't say poverty or injustice play a role personally in my life however it is evident in today's society. Issues of poverty still exists and societies and governments seek to relieve its affect on those in poverty. Injustice is also still relevant in today's society including those of minorities.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for katharsis in terms of addressing the issues of injustice and poverty. These issues are not easily discussed in society and the play functioned as a liaison to communicate it to the public through the theatre. It was a way for the writer of the play to express their thoughts on oppression from the church for the audience to understand and possibly sympathize for those who were victims of this.

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