Ten Technology Troubles By:Morgan Timm

Trouble #1~Pop -up ads keep bugging you

Don't hit close or "x" it does the same thing

Tip #2~How to download security software

You can go to different websites to download software that start with the URL of https:// because that means your website is protecting your information.

Trouble #3~Why won't my computer turn on

  • Think physical first, which means it could be a plug
  • Check the pilot light to see if it is green
  • Is the internet working?

Trouble #4~ What happens when an unknown pop up came up?

If a pop up comes up DON'T hit x or close. They just download the malware anyway. So instead don't hit close or x, press at one time ALT+f4.

Trouble #5~ Your computer is running very slowly

  • Her computer can be infetced
  • You can go to a professional technology person to help on your computer

Trouble #6~How to keep your computer software up to date?

Follow the directions above in the video to update you software. Updating your software keeps you computer safe and protected from hackers.

Trouble#7~If someone hacks your password

  • Make your password 10 or more characters of numbers,letters, and symbols
  • Reset all your passwords
  • Don't make your password the same for every login

Trouble #8~Hacking in your computer

Download software to protect your computer from hackers.

Trouble #9~Why should you read error messages?

Error messages can help you lead to the problem of your computer. It can also tell you what went wrong or how to fix it. Take a picture or write down what the error message and show it to a professional to they can help you.

Trouble #10~What online shopping websites do I trust?

Only trust websites that start with https:/ because that means it's a secure website. Also make your password that doesn't have your name or private information in it. Maybe make your password complicated so people can't hack into it.


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