Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By: Brian Fox

The exhibit the interested me the most was the butterfly garden exhibit. As I went through the whole FLMNH tour, I was amused at all the pictures of butterflies and mannequins of native americans and their significance towards the butterfly population, but the butterfly exhibit blew everything away. This exhibit was appealing because I was able to see real butterflies flying around and I was able to see how they interact with nature. Seeing how there were thousands of butterflies with different shapes, sizes, and colors left me in awe. In addition, what appealed me the most was seeing how well these butterflies blended with the nature they live in as well as watching them eat fruit and pollen from the trees. The huge exhibit captured my attention because the scenery was very cool. With all sorts of trees, butterflies, bridges, and ponds, I was immediately intrigued by what was coming my way. What I learned was how the butterflies interact with each other and their own self through nature. I was able to see what they ate, where they flew too, and when they are trying to hide from their prey. The other exhibits did not include any living thing, so I would not be able to see from this standpoint. I found that the whole butterfly exhibit was an overall thrill. I never really noticed the beauty and the significance in butterflies before coming here.

The Natural History Museum did provide me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends because instead of thinking about the economic standpoint and how butterflies help the economy, I was able to enjoy their presence and beauty. I was able to oversee and watch how butterflies interact with nature and learned a lot from them. I felt curious walking through the tour, wondering about how butterflies interact with nature and what they actually look like. I have a sense of what they look but I never saw an actual butterfly up close. I sensed that there would be a lot of information on the origin and the specific details about the butterflies. I was in awe walking through the museum, curious of what more I can learn about them. I went with my good friend who is also in my Goodlife class and he too was shocked about the butterflies. In addition, I saw several families with children running around pointing at the butterflies that were trying to camouflage with the trees and plants. It allowed us to connect with nature especially in the butterfly field when people can interact with the butterflies themselves. Ethically, it did help me come to appreciate nature more on its beauty and not on how it can benefit me economically.

The Natural History museum help us step out of our ordinary lives because we seek out to understand and interact with nature. My normal life consist of a very technological and structured background but today I was able to be one with nature and escape from everything else. I felt as if I was one with nature and the wild. It helps me better understand who I am because I come to understand what I do on y everyday life and how I need to sometimes take myself out of my world and appreciate the beauty of what the world gives me. It helped me to appreciate nature and to never take beauty for granted. The world is a mystery and I should do I can to see all aspects of it.

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