How have recent extreme weather events affected Animals ? By : Paawan Gill


Many Animals are losing their lives due to natural weather events destroying their habitats, for example deforestation. There are a lot more factors in how these weather events are effecting our animals. One in which is happening everywhere.

Major Events

In this page I will be talking about a few major weather events that have an impact on animals.

1. Greenhouse Gasses

Because of greenhouse gasses, there is a way higher chance of cancer in animals and insects.

A greenhouse gas is a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation, e.g., carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons. into the atmosphere.

This is then causing global warming which leads to more things.One such as higher risk in cancer for animals in Africa. Greenhouse gasses destroy the atmosphere which results in a higher chance of cancer in organisms.

One of the main source of greenhouse gasses is from humans burning fossil fuels and generating electricity.

2. Hydrospheric Heat Sink

The hydrosphere is all the water on planet earth. This includes, Salt water, fresh water, ice glaciers and ice patches.

When the air gets warmer then the hydrosphere, the hydrosphere then starts to do this process called "Hydrospheric Heat Sink". This is when the hydrosphere starts to absorb all the heat and thermal energy from the air, making the heat levels even out.

Since the hydrosphere is collecting heat it starts to evaporate faster which then is making the global warming process faster which then continues the cycle and creates higher risks for cancer.

3. Atmospheric Heat Sinks

This is basically the opposite of hydrospheric heat sink. This is when the air is absorbing the heat from the hydrosphere.

This is releasing greenhouse gasses back into the atmosphere. Which then is creating the higher risk of cancer.

This then just loops again and again.


One of the biggest weather events is greenhouse gasses. These gasses are coming from us humans when we burn fossil fuels or generate electricity. With the natural process of "Hydrospheric Heat sink" and "Atmospheric Heat Sink" the planet is just collecting more and more greenhouse gasses, which soon the atmosphere will break releasing all these hazardous gasses. These gasses will lead to a huge increase in cancer rays. Resulting in many animals and insects getting cancer. This then will lead to many species of animals and insects to go instinct.

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