"People always ask me to define my customer. For me, it’s not just about the person, it’s about their state of mind. It’s someone with an acute awareness of their own personal style. It’s ageless, it’s genderless."

- MARTINE ALI, Hero Magazine

MARTINE ALI Jewelry is produced entirely in New York City. While materials used are skillfully sourced around the world -- Each piece is individually made by hand in the Brooklyn studio. With the utmost attention to both quality and artistry, all MARTINE ALI Jewelry is as distinct as it's wearer.

MARTINE ALI STUDIO // Jewelry Offering

HEIRLOOM SILVER // Made to mimic the appearance of perfectly aged silver while still maintaining a lustrous shine. This finish is brass dipped in sterling silver, and then hand treated with a patina.

925 - STERLING SILVER // The highest available grade of Sterling Silver. Sourced from Italy to Bali, a unique eye and skilled hand is used to craft edgy yet elevated designs. High quality silver jewelry that feels both elevated and effortless.

MARTINE ALI STUDIO // Select Retailers


A unique Installation concept, designed to mimic the experience of visiting an artist's studio. Event attendees will be immersed into the designer's lifestyle, aesthetic and creative environment -- providing a glance into the heart of the brand and the creative design process.

MARTINE ALI STUDIO // Customization

The designer and team customize event-exclusive product on-site. Based upon pre-determined design elements, event attendees will be able to make key selections in the design process as their jewelry is being created. Through this process, the attendee becomes the designer engaging them in a memorable exchange.

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