Interview Final Made by: Alexander CUshing

What was the point of my life?

The point of my life was to make a stronger central government and a weaker state government because I believed that the Articles of Confederation made us look weaker to the other countries of the world and we were falling apart when the states had too much power.

How do you think you will actually be remembered?

I believe that I will be remembered by the belief that I wished to have a stronger central government and a weaker state government.

What do you consider your greatest success?

My greatest success was achieving what we wanted through 1789 to 1801 because that was the time period of the Federalists that I experienced.

Would you or could you have done things differently, if so how?

I probably would consider the state and peoples power more because my mind refused to think about their perspective.

Do you have any regrets?

Like I said before, I would've payed more attention to the state and peoples perspective more.

How much power did you actually want to give to the central government?

Enough to where the country wont collapse like the Articles of Confederation did.

What did you think of Anti-Federalists?


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