The Last Years of the Republic By: jocleyn

10 Facts

1. The people didn't like the candidates that were going to run for president.

2. Anson Jones was a doctor from Brazoria and a veteran from of the Battle of San Jacinto.

3. Edward Burleson was the Vice of President of Texas.

4. Since Burleson was the the opposite of Houston he gained a lot of Houston's opponents.

5. Jones won the election and he became president of Texas.

6. Texas was having a lot of economic problems when Jones became president.

7. Jones shared a lot of similar views with Houston so he got Houston's support.

8. There was no middle ground either people hated Houston or loved Houston.

9. Even though there was economic problems people were more afraid of annexation.

10. Texans were interested in negotiating with Mexico.

The End


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