Harn Museum Delicia washington

My overall thoughts on the Harn Museum is that I got the opportunity to learn new things from the earlier years that I had no clue about. Seeing beautiful painting and art work from different people and their different style. I thought the art work had a big impact on the museum because all of the colors stood out on the walls. Seeing the art in person made art more real and more meaningful. Overall I would love to see more artwork added to the museum and would recommend my friends to attend the Harn Museum.

Medium: This sculpture above was right in the foyer of the museum when I first walked in. This was a metal sculpture with different types of colors and also is shaped in different directions. Seeing this art work in person helped me understand a little more about this sculpture because I have seen this design before and never knew the meaning of it. Finding out about the meaning of this art work made me appreciate the work. The size of the art work was really shocking to me because I was not expecting to see art work this huge and to be hanging up on the wall. The way that the art work communicated towards me was that art doesn't have to be all fancy it can just be huge, colorful, and shaped in different directions. The artwork made me really excited because I have never seen something so brilliant in person.
Exhibit: This sculpture is appealing to me because the lighting surrounded by the artwork is sort of dimmed which makes shadows appear on the out base of the sculpture. This design got my attention because it was big and facing different directions. You could look at the sculpture from different directions and see different angles every time you are rotations around the sculpture . The use of space is good because there is no other artwork around it, which doesn't gives it any distractions. This exhibit makes me feel excited about being able to see how creative someone could be in making a sculpture that u can see different point of views when you are looking at the sculpture in different directions.
Core Value: This sculpture is called Zandvoort by Frank Stella. This sculpture stood out to me out of all other artwork in the museum, because the different colors and the form of the sculpture was just unreal. Seeing this wonderful artwork made me feel alive. I can compare the emotions that this sculpture evoke to my experiences that i have when i and on the basketball court.
Good Life: I chose this picture of a map design because it represents different locations. Someone who wants to achieve the Good Life should experience new places and new cultures. The theme that would go with this picture is seeking. Seeking represents searching for the truth. This picture communicates to the Good Life theme by showing that a person should go out and travel to get new experiences. I believe it is important to go out and experience new things because it allows a person explore new things and become more knowledgeable.

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