The Emoji World By LUkas

Do you know how many emojis are there in total? Do you know who made emojis? Do you now what the first emoji was? If you want to know, its all in this article.

Shigetaka Kurita said that , “there are going to be lots of emojis, but I will always admire the black heart.” He got inspired with the first emoji that was used of Japanese phones, a pixelated black heart. Emojis are used all around the world and lots of people use emoji a lot. Most of these emojis are found on phones, but the emoji world has spread, and now, it is on pillows, phone cases, and even notebooks. If it wasn’t for Shigeta Kurita, then we wouldn’t have all of this.

This is Shigetaka Kurita

Fun Facts

DID YOU KNOW SECTION: Did you know, in the IOS 9 update, Apple added a new feature so you can change the skin color of some emojis?!

Shigetaka Kurita is the creator of emojis. According to, “they have made over 6 billion emojis, and every year, they comes up with more than 250 emojis to add to the collection.” This means that you might not be able to use every single emoji in the world. He got inspired with the first emoji that was used of Japanese phones, a pixelated black heart. After the heart wasn’t that popular in 1998, he started to create his own emojis because he thought that it can show emotions into messages. But he didn’t have any supporters to help his work and use it. Then apple came…

Apple saw Mr. Shigetaka's work and thought that it was an amazing idea to use in their new phone, the iPhone 4. In the IOS 7 update, the update that was created October 4, 2011, Apple added a new keyboard, called the emoji keyboard, and it had a HUGE popularity. Because of Apple’s new keyboard, Apple will get more customers and make more money! People started using it, and Shigetaka was very proud.

After reading this article, you will want to get your phone, or maybe even draw one. Using emojis can make you have more feelings and be more happy, and even sending emojis to your friends can get them to be more happy too.


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