Forbidden Love A Story of two teens who fall in love but theres one prublem theIR step siblings


Serenity’s Story

My Name is Serenity Kara Grace I'm fro a small town in Ohio with beautiful open fields and forests to explore. My Mom and Dad are Kara and Colton Grace they married young at the age of 19 they were high school sweet hearts. They found out they were having soon after getting married they were so happy when they found out i was their little princess I was always spoiled and loved. They did everything to keep me safe and happy. i was eight when my father passed away he was a loving and caring person everyone loved him he was funny and always tried to be positive. when he was diagnosed with cancer everything changed. There were endless doctor appointments and always nurses coming in and out of our home it was really hard and painful for my dad he wasn't himself anymore he was defined by a room 24/7.

On my Eighth Birthday he decided he wasn’t going to be stuck in bed all day he was going to make my birthday special. So we had a huge birthday party with princesses and face paint and candy lots of candy. I loved it the best part was after the party me and my dad laid down on the couch together eating left over cake and candy from the party and watched a marathon of superman the animated series he had brought me the dvd box set for my birthday. It was something we both loved I loved princesses and girly things but I also loved super heroes and playing video games it was my thing I loved it and dad was the reason for it.

I remember him saying when I was 5 Serenity you can do anything you want to do it doesn’t matter that you’re a girl your so much more then that if you want to play football or be a ballerina you can be both if you want. I love you no matter what of course my dad had me try football and I was not having it so instead he made me try basketball and I loved it. He taught me how to hit my first basket on the first try and I made it considering I was only 5 it was a big deal for my dad he was happy I found something I liked. Video games / superhero’s was a plus too it was like having a son but of course a girly son. I would definitely always wear my princess costumes when I played video games and basketball. Sometimes it was funny when I would wear knee pads with my princess dress my dad would be so happy though and as a little kid all you want is to be happy and have your parents be happy with you. By the end of it I was doing both basketball and ballerina classes it kept me busy and out of the house and with my dad really sick my parent needed that. We ended up falling asleep that night on the couch and for that one moment it felt like he wasn’t sick like he was just my normal healthy dad.

The next day he laid in bed almost lifeless my mom tried to keep me from seeing him like that but I couldn’t stay away. I wanted my dad I wanted to hold his hand and kiss him on the cheek I open the door to the room he stayed in with machines and a millions other things I didn’t know. I went by his side and held his hand and he looked at me barely conscious and said hey baby girl I’m sorry daddy not feeling very well but how’s my little princess? Looked into his eyes and said I’m good dad I hope you start feeling better i want to play basketball with you again soon you have to get better daddy. I know sweetie I promise one day we will be able to play basketball again just not now I’m sorry sweetie things will get better okay. I looked at him with hope in my eyes I know you will daddy it’s okay are you in pain dad it makes me sad to see you suffering this way. yes, I’m in a little pain but it’s nothing God can’t handle even I go to heaven I will be free of all pain so I want you to remember that okay if daddy goes to heaven daddy safe from all pain it’s all up to God and I know he will do what best for all of us he loves us all because no matter what I will always be by your side God will make sure of that I promise. Daddy is it okay to be sad if you go to heaven? Yes, sweetie of course but remember whenever your sad I will be right with you but everything okay daddy’s right here I put my head on his shoulder and cried a little. I Love You Daddy I said with tears in my eyes I love you more than anything you’re the reason I live don’t ever forget how much I love you. He said with tears dripping down his face.

Weeks later my dad passed away in his sleep it was painless just like he said it would be. There was a lot of tears I remember waking up seeing my mom crying I asked what’s going on and she looked at me and said sweetie I’m so sorry daddy went to heaven next thing I know the ambulance was taking my dad away it felt like an episode of law and order where the person gets murdered and they take the dead body that’s exactly how it looked I screamed daddy over and over crying harder each time I screamed out for him my mom tried claiming me down I cried for what felt like hours I didn’t want to believe he was gone. for the rest of the year I was hard to handle I screamed all the time I didn’t care if I was in a quiet place I wanted my dad then one day I took a big rock from outside and throw it at the Television for no reason I got a big spanking.for that which my mom hated doing but I deserved it. After that my mom decided that I needed to see a therapist so she took me to a therapist that could help with grieving cause my mom new it was about my father and just wanted me to be ok again.

Three years later my mom decided I had enough of therapy so I stopped going and next thing you know she starts bringing this new guy around named Lucas Manning he was a nice guy he had 2 kids named Nick and Mya. Nick was the same age as me 11 and Mya was 3 their mom past away in a car accident about a year ago it was really hard for them. Especially nick he was in the car with his mom when the accident happened thankfully nick survived it was a drunk driver that hit them and the driver was a teenager who is now doing 15 yrs. in prison which no one thought was fair I don’t think so either. I would always play Barbie’s with Maya to keep her entertain and sometimes play basketball with Nick he would always get jealous that I was better at playing basketball then him I would laugh so hard he would to tackle me to the ground but he would be gentle cause after all I was a girl.

After a year of knowing them my mom and Lucas sat us down and told us that there getting married and we will all begin living with each other as a family me and nick were quiet and they asked if we were okay nick then spoke dad I’m happy for you I’m just really missing mom I’m sorry Lucas and mom then looked at us and mom spoke no you do not ever have to be sorry for missing your mom no one will ever replace her Kara is this how your feeling too? I looked at my mom crying yes mom but I’m really happy for you I promise. My mom then holds me and says your dad is always with you nothing will ever change that okay nothing will change our love for him do you understand that Lucas then speaks holding nick same goes for you nothing will ever change that I promise you both we will never stop remembering them they’re a piece of you and that’s something that will always be important Mya I know you don’t remember mommy but we will always be here to tell you anything you need to know and share her memories with you. I know daddy mommy will always be in my heart Mya said hugging her dad.

They were engaged for 3 months then had a mini wedding with close family and friends they had the wedding at our family church. When the Pastor said i now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Manning I didn't realize my mom would no longer have my father’s last name we will no longer share his name and that hurt a lot but i knew she was happy and that's all i needed to know that my dad would be happy for us and the family we now had. After the ceremony we had a beautiful reception at our house with food and music we had a huge backyard so there was space my favorite part of the wedding Reception was when Lucas decided to do the father daughter dance with both Me and Mya I know he was just my step dad but it made me feel happy to have a father figure in my life he was a great father to Mya and Nick and now i was a part of that I’m now a daughter to him not by blood but i was happy to have him in my life.

Chapter One

Current Day ( 4 Years Later ) - 15 Years Old

Nick - Come on Serenity can’t you play fair for once why do you always got to be so rough

Nick complained trying to grab the Basketball from Serenity but gets pushed to the ground she then bounces the ball through the basketball hoop and began then began cheering.

Serenity - OH yeah I did it I still got it I’m better then you hahahahaha .

Nick Still on the floor begins to frown a little in exhaustion.

Nick - You are so mean why do you always do that

Nicks begins to get up from the ground of the basketball court they had in the backyard

Serenity – Don’t be such a sore loser I’m just better then you face it there’s nothing you can do about it hahahahaha.

Serenity begins laughing making Nick want to do something about it knowing their parents were not home or little Maya who is now 8 yrs.

Nick – Oh really nothing I can do I’ll show you what I could do

Nick then gently tackles Serenity to the ground tickling her she began laughing.

Serenity – Stop please stop I can’t take it please

On the ground laughing she pulls Nicks Shirt pulling him closer face to face he continued tickling her.

Nick – Say you’re sorry for showing off

Serenity – No

Nick Tickles her even more then before

Serenity – Okay Okay I’m Sorry for showing off

Nick Stops and Serenity tries to catch her breath at that moment they stare at each other face to face. Serenity still holding on to nicks shirt right then Nick leans in Kissing Serenity. They then began to kiss so intensely they moved to Nicks Bedroom knocking things over in his room. Serenity takes off Nicks shirt showing off his abs Nick then begins to take off Serenity’s shirt showing off the pink sports bra she was wearing they continued kissing till Serenity stopped to take a moment to catch her breath giving her a moment to realize what she's doing.

Serenity – I don’t think this is a good idea we’re not thinking right now I don’t want us doing something we will regret I love our family too much.

Nick trying to catch his breath looks into her eyes realizing serenity has a point

Nick – Yeah you’re right maybe we should just cool off I’m sorry

Serenity – You don’t have to be sorry this just happened let’s just never let this happen again okay I Love You Bro !

Nick – Okay ! love you too Sis.

To Be Continued

© 2017 Janira Grace

All Rights Reserved


Editors Note

I worked really hard on this and really want to share this with you guys let me know what you think i will continue writing as much as i can as much as possible and please excuse any writing errors you may see i will fix it as i go and please share if you like please follow me on my social Medias and let me know what you think please remember to share on your social medias

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